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I found out in one of your 3-day event presentations that there's more to investing in property to create financial freedom. You said so many times to first build a strong foundation starting with yourself and it really had a positive ripple effect around my partner and our three children. It's such a great feeling! Cheers Todd.

– James Hare

I first met Todd over a year ago now and I must say our lives are a lot different now. There's no more of the self-doubt and uncertainties which plagued my life. We have now purchased 3 properties in 12 months. To me, he is not just my coach but also a friend who I can count on.

– Wai and Jen

Through a 12 month period, Todd has shown us how to change our lives. Not only with two investment properties under our belt but more importantly a psychological shift for the better...I can't thank Todd enough for assisting us unto the track we are on today...It's more than a track; it's our golden highway and future

– Shanta, Jeff & Lily

Todd is an amazing coach who now part of my team is helping me achieve my best and create a life I want. He isn't just a coach who teaches me how to make money through property. He is a wealth coach who helps me step things up so that I am creating a life that is wealthy and abundant in all aspects.

– Janet
Owner of ECO Love - Body Mind Earth

Todd has taught me how to think differently on all levels and to question everything. To constantly strive, making improvements in every area of life. Encouraging me to work outside my comfort zone to be brave, to face my fears and regardless, take the required action. My world has been totally flipped! I have grown so much in the last 12 months in my business and myself and have made massive changes. I will never be the same. Thank you!

– Belinda
Founder of OOHM and 1 half of the 2 Belinda's Renovation Rockstars

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