The 3 Fundamental Wealth-building Principles Which Have Stood the Test of Time (Part 1)

The only thing we can rely on in life is that change is inevitable, so frankly, we just have to deal with it! Trying to play today’s game by yesterdays rules and conditions is a sure fire way to lose, no matter what you are talking about, so staying relevant is critical. In the case of your wealth creation we are always navigating a shifting landscape of different strategies, changing markets and changing technology and even the newest get rich quick schemes if you are still off chasing those (good luck!). But while all of this is going on around us and is absolutely important for us to stay up to date and educated on, the fundamentals of building wealth remain the same and are tried and tested through ages. Perhaps they are told and taught in different ways, but the message still vibrates with the same underlying meaning and before you go around chasing the latest and greatest, your primary focus if you are truly committed to building long term and sustainable wealth is to master these 3 principles I am going to share with you below.

Money flows from places of low organization to places of high organization and from places of low value to places of high value

Now, at the risk of sounding all woo woo… understand that money has an energy to it and what we have seen is that it tends to congregate in places where it is valued and where it is organized and respected and put to good use. There are reasons why the majority of the wealth in the world has always been held by only a small percentage of the population. It is not because they are the lucky ones, or they are crooks or drug dealers or take advantage of others or any of that bullshit most people think about wealthy people in general, it is because they understand this fundamental principle #1 and they place a high value on wealth creation and money in their lives.

As you have read that last sentence, I know many of you right now probably have some old programming coming up kind of to the tune of:

  • Money is not important.
  • Valuing money is wrong.
  • That is because they are greedy.

And it is here you have to stop and realise that these thoughts came up for you and at some level you believe them to be true and although you think you want to have more money, at the same time you think it is wrong to have more. I have worked with thousands of investors over the years from 18 years olds without two dollars to rub together to multi, multi-millionaires and despite what past programming might be telling you, in the vast majority of cases 99% of people don’t want to build wealth for the money, it is for what the money can do for them and for others; they build wealth because it gives them choices, it gives them their time back, it gives them the resources to impact others and effect change and to spend their time doing the things which they place a high value on in their lives.

If you want to begin to build wealth in your life and for future generations then it is time to place a higher value on wealth creation in your life and get organized with your money; why would you be given more money to manage if you can’t manage what you’ve got? All you have to do is look at most people’s mess that is a wallet or purse to see how organised they are or the stack of bills sitting in a single pile gathering dust or how bank accounts are set up and what happens to money once it flows into people’s lives. Look at those simple things and you will see how little organization exists for most people.

There are of course many techniques and strategies that fit within this overarching principle, like the stock standard spend less than you earn and invest the difference and save 10% minimum of your income and then moving into a bit more advanced such as creating a flow of money through your life and using effective structures and having plans and strategies in place and more advanced from that and all of these are learnable and actionable, but get this principle right first and begin bringing order to your money.

  1. List 20 reasons why building wealth needs to become a higher priority and of higher value to you in your life?
  2. List 3 action steps you are going to take to begin getting organised in your financial life (e.g. set aside a weekly money night, clean out your wallet or purse and stop crumpling your money, create a budget, get a coach)

I want to grow my wealth:

I want to improve my life:

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