About Todd

There is a reason that investors turn to Todd when they are ready to grow their wealth faster to create more money, more time and more freedom.

Todd is an international educator and trainer in wealth creation and building strategic investment portfolios. His wealth systems guide investors on a step-by-step pathway to grow portfolios which deliver real financial results.
Put simply Todd’s mission is to help as many people as possible “live a life unlimited by income”.

Since 2002 this is exactly what he has been doing. His wealth education and investment strategies have helped thousands of investors break free from the ‘default life’, of simply just working to pay the bills and in a world where most peoples lives are limited by how much money they earn, this is essential real world education.

Because let’s face it. Life is about so much more…

“There are no secrets to wealth, only proven systems”
Todd’s ‘Profits to Portfolio’ wealth system has been refined over 15+ years working with thousands of investors in property investing, shares and trading, business, cryptocurrencies, metals and more. Able to see the overarching picture and then put the pieces of the puzzle in their right places, this is a strategy for building the wealth you deserve, creating the freedom to pursue your passions, and the opportunity to leave your legacy.

15+ years

Speaking, Coaching & Training
in the Industry

9,000 +

1-on-1 Strategy Sessions
with Investors

$1bil +

Helped investors strategically invest across AUS and NZ


Best selling book “Thrive
Through Property”

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Todd’s strategic and systematic approach to wealth building takes luck out of the equation, and turns it into a step by step personalised pathway for you to follow.

So what does having a Wealth System mean?

You have a strategically crafted and personalised WEALTH PLAN, covering 7 portfolio areas designed to give you a clear path from from where you are to where you want to go.

(Strategy is the difference between being an investor or a gambler and investors don’t gamble!)

You have a world class team of experts around you to help you IMPLEMENT and EXECUTE and make sure you take the right steps first time round.

(Leveraging off other peoples time, knowledge, experience and network is a master art of wealth creation)

You get access to off-market INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES which make more money and more profit

(The best deals are always done off market. The wealth shop wholesale, not retail)

Through this pathway his clients see measurable and accelerated progress on their journeys to freedom in life.

My (not so secret) mission is to help intelligent and caring people create and leave a legacy for generations to come
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