Belinda Smith

Belinda Smith was an experienced investor before she met Todd, having completed many renovations personally and consulting with others to do the same. She had been looking for a mentor for a while to take things to the next level and had a preconceived idea of what her ideal coach would look like.
Todd is nothing like what she had in my mind!

Belinda Attended Todd’s Property Event

“I was looking to meet some like-minded people and catch up with the latest property strategies. I was immediately impressed with Todd’s knowledge, honesty, belief in health and wellbeing and was drawn to his friendly, approachable attitude. I noticed in one of his videos that he had read many of the same books that I had on property, wealth and personal development. Along with his PT background, I was confident that he had the ability to make a difference to my business and personal growth. “

For Belinda, what makes Todd different is his level of care. She thinks that aside from being one of the smartest property coaches she has met, Todd reaches beyond property and works on improving personal finances, holistic investment strategies and business growth. His knowledge across such a broad range of areas allows Todd to zoom out to see the bigger picture and enables him to see the opportunities across all areas and can deal appropriately with differing clients, who have varying businesses, ages, beliefs, abilities, and personalities.

His study and understanding of human behaviour enable him to go deep, to work with each person’s DNA (what makes them tick, their currency) to facilitate improvement in every facet including productivity, to nurture self-belief and teach people to be accountable for their own inaction without being nasty.

How She’ll Describe Todd

“Todd is warm, encouraging, genuine, intelligent, earnest, caring, and spiritual. Something I have found rare in the wealth creation industry. As well as being the smartest property coaches I’ve met, Todd reaches beyond property and works on improving personal finances holistic investment strategies and business growth.”

The 3 Biggest Gifts that Belinda has Received from Todd

1. Be Brave

According to Belinda, Todd encouraged her to be brave, and to step it up, to aim higher, and say yes to opportunities which I was afraid to even look at. With his support she was able to push through the discomfort of new experiences in order to keep growing in both business and personally. More self-belief!

“He has taught me to recognise what my talents are, the talents of my business partner and identify the staff we need to hire in order for our business to grow.”

2. Dream Big & Have a Voice

Belinda said Todd encouraged her to dream big and allowed her to voice anything, no matter how weird. To just be herself with him and other members of the group, who are now valued friends. He has helped her develop the skills needed to negotiate business deals and given her the confidence to do so.

” I now run a nationwide training and coaching program teaching investors how to renovate for profit and for others to start their own renovation consultancy.”

3. New Way of Thinking

Todd has positively disrupted Belinda’s thinking, getting her to question everything as she has known it. To examine everything! Finance, property, health (fitness, diet, healing, water, supplements), business, relationships, spirituality.

“Todd taught me to constantly strive, making improvements in every facet of my life, accelerating my growth in self and in business. He always encouraged me to work outside my comfort zone, to be brave, to face my fears and regardless, take the required action. He teaches people to drop any preconceived limitations they have placed around themselves and their finances.”

And The Greatest Value?

“When I think of Todd the words that intuitively come to mind are “Mind, body, spirit.” On a personal level, Todd has totally flipped my world and that of my kids. I will never be the same. I have grown so much in the last 12 months! I have made massive changes, and so have my kids – they are crushing it. If I was able to do all of this, then so can you!”