Ben and Alice Neldner

Ben is a firefighter from Cairns and his wife, Alice, used to be a schoolteacher.
Both have been stuck in jobs working all their lives and that was not their idea of living well.

The Lifestyle They’re Used To

“Before getting coached by Todd, we looked around at the lifestyle most other people have and quickly realized that it wasn’t the lifestyle we wanted to live. We wanted more choices, more freedom and more of a lifestyle. We knew our day jobs were never going to get us there. “

They made an important decision to get started growing a property investment portfolio, but knew we needed help to make sure we knew how to do it the right way, rather than learning from potentially very expensive mistakes.

When They Start Working With Todd

“After we started working with Todd everything in how we view money, investing, time and lifestyle has changed. It has been both challenging and rewarding and at times awkward too because we had to think about how our lifestyle actually was and realized it was our thinking getting in the way of creating the results we wanted.”

They started to understand what they were doing with their money and time and how they needed to leverage both to start surging ahead. Their circle of influence with the people they had around them has also completely shifted and they now have a small circle of influence around them of people they respect and that they want to be like. Ben and Alice have learnt things about themselves they were not aware of which allowed them to accelerate our results.

The 3 Biggest Gifts that Ben & Alice have Received from Todd

1. Consistent Guidance & Mentorship
2. Unwavering Motivation and Assurance
3. New Resources and Improved Quality of Life

And The Greatest Value?

Because of Todd’s coaching, Alice runs her own business and lives her life the way she wants to live it. Ben still works as a firefighter but he is still building and being creative!

“Todd has not just helped me with property, he has also introduced me to crypto, share/ options trading and business and we have a diversified portfolio with multiple income streams coming in. He has given me the resources to manage our cashflow which I do every month. The money and time I have spent with Todd has given me a huge return and will continue to pay dividends over a lifetime. I check in with Todd several times a year to get his input on where I should tweak my finances.”

Ben and Alice’s Parting Message to Anyone Considering Joining Todd’s Program?

“I can’t recommend Todd enough to anyone that wants to not just take control of their finances but to change the way they think about wealth and improve the quality of the life they want to really live.”