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Thrive Through Property

The step by step guide on how to grow a Thriving Property Portfolio…
no matter where you are starting from

Dear Investor,
If you would like to get out of the 9-5 grind and grow wealth through your very own property portfolio, then this book will show the proven system on how to do it.

Here is what you will learn:


✔ How to build your dream life through property investing

✔ Understand how to create a personal property investing plan and stop just hoping it will all work out

✔ Finding the right deals for bigger profits and more cashflow and never shop retail again

✔ Winning the finance game and avoid getting ‘stuck!’

✔  Living the millionaire mindset 

The successful property investors don’t grow their wealth via luck. It has nothing to do with it. They have created the results they have because they have followed an investing system that works. I know, I did it in my life and I’ve helped countless others do the same.
This book is giving you that system in an easy to read step by step format.

On page 28 you will discover the 3 strategies every portfolio must have

On page 38 you get to plan out what financial freedom truly means to you

On Page 40 you will climb up the 7 rungs of the Property Wealth ladder

On Page 53 you will discover why property investing has nothing to do with the property

On Page 56 we begin to walk through the 6-step process for finding the right suburb and property to invest in

On Page 57 you will learn the two numbers every investor has to know before setting a plan and find out what your limiting factor may be in your portfolio

Page 65 begins working through how to do effective due diligence on a property deal to ensure it ticks all the boxes

Page 79 we begin working on the most important piece of real estate any of us will ever own – which is the one between your ears. Your mind. Its time to craft your very own millionaire mind

Page 119 is all about how to play the game of finance and win, as this is the area which holds most people back more than anything when it comes to growing a multi-million dollar portfolio

You’re right, we cover a lot of ground in this
book and it’s all designed to help you grow a
portfolio which actually delivers real world
financial results and to live a Thriving Life.


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Todd Polke is an international educator and trainer in wealth creation and building strategic investment portfolios. His wealth systems guide investors on a step-by-step pathway to grow portfolios that deliver real financial results. Todd’s wealth education and investment strategies have helped thousands of investors break free from the ‘default life’, working to pay the bills, in a world where most people’s lives are limited by how much money they earn.