I want to challenge what you think it means to get started in investing. And by doing that, I hope to change how you think about money and how much of it you need to get in the game.


So, when most think about investing, they tend to think about what share or property they will buy or perhaps about trading gold and silver, or working with cryptocurrencies.


We see all of these things as assets we can use to generate wealth.


The idea is that you invest in the asset, and the investment pays off later on.


That’s the idea I want to challenge.


Investment is not only about assets.


To succeed as an investor, you have to invest in a wealth-building system.


Money is certainly one of the components of this system. But the investments you make go far beyond just money.


You have to invest in the education to raise your financial IQ


You have to invest in your mindset to clear away the hidden blocks, and turn on your millionaire mode


You have to invest in growing your team – as this is one of your key forms of leverage


You have to invest in growing your financial foundation as this is where your future success is built from


Then there are other components, such as your family, your health, and your soul.


Being an investor isn’t about securing an asset and profiting from it later. It’s about investing in yourself so you become the quality of person with the resources and team around you to be able to grow wealth and sustain it to deliver real world results and fulfillment in life.


Create the system which gives you the financial freedom in life to go after your strongest passions and deepest purpose.