Peter Phan

Peter Phan’s family always demonstrated and talked about the idea of working hard for money, buying a nice house, paying off the house and then retire with no debt. It was a simple idea that they all accepted at a young age and they did not know any better. For Peter and his wife, Julie, the saying is true.
You are the average of the people who surround you.

How Peter & His Wife Started

The couple were very new to property and their knowledge was almost next to none. They started to read the Australian Property Investor magazine to give them a glimpse of what they need to know to get the ball rolling but after many re-reads of many articles of many magazines, they felt the struggle because it was a completely foreign language, and they didn’t know anyone who spoke this language.

The Meeting at Parramatta Holiday Inn

“During our first meeting with Todd, most things flew past us, but some things stuck like starting young, money in offset account and needing a support team around you. What I liked most was meeting someone who has done it, is doing it and someone who we could aspire to. Todd was also quite young who we could relate to.”

After leaving that session, Peter thought he needed to learn the basic language before jumping into a mentoring program. So, he started to read books, magazines, listened to podcasts and immersed himself in property. Every day. It was a huge learning curve, but an interesting one. He remembers there was a period where every time he went to Woolies, he’d go to the magazine section and look for the article Todd wrote in Australian property investor.

“He made complicated things sound easy…”

“Todd’s articles were always interesting, and it appealed to us greatly. He made complicated things sound easy, treated property like a business, explained why certain things were necessary and explain the property clock, just to name a few things. His articles helped us and pulled us through huge barriers we needed to overcome.”

The Second Meeting

“In March 2016, I received an email from Todd asking how our portfolio was performing. Honestly, I thought he forgot about us. We thought he was so good at what he do and that he had so many clients that he would forget about us- 2 youngsters who probably don’t know what they want. We were wrong. He reached out and we really appreciate that to this day. ”

After meeting for the second time, Peter and Julie felt more strongly about having Todd as their mentor and in April, they joined.

The 3 Biggest Gifts that Peter has Received from Todd

1. Take the Leap of Faith

” Don’t be afraid to step away from your parent’s ideological ways and decide to take the road your friends and families were too scared to ever take. “

2. Mindset is Everything

“We feel like we can manage our portfolio through any market trend with confidence and are in control of our financial situation. We are currently in the consolidation stage, paying down debt.”

3. Focus, Don’t Overthink

“I try not to think about it too much and focus on my initial aim – buy time to spend time more with my family and less time at work. Being in family mode and focusing on raising loving and responsible kids, has changed our world so much! Julie smiles and shrugs at the idea of not completely understanding how and why we got here. I also think having shared goals with Julie has strengthened our relationship and that means a lot to me.”

And The Greatest Value?

For Peter and Julie, they would not have embarked on this journey if it weren’t for Todd. They have learnt so much from him and it has been an invaluable experience.

“What we have now, our knowledge and mindset is invaluable to say the least. It has also managed to resonate to close friends and family and we feel deep gratitude in being able to help the most important people around us!”

Peter’s Parting Message to Anyone Considering Joining Todd’s Program?

Peter and Julie now have 6 properties valued at over $3 million dollars’ worth of property and on a 5% yield.

To this day, Peter and Julie have 6 properties valued at over $3 million dollars’ worth of property and on a 5% yield, that’s $150,000 gross rental income, which means they have now reached the end of their acquisition phase. Lately, they just finished a subdivision and have now embarked on building their own home!

“Beyond, we are working ways to pay down debt. Although this will be unfamiliar territory for us, we have more confidence and have a higher level of comfort in undertaking bigger projects. And we owe a lot of these to Todd. I don’t think any words would compare to the amount of appreciation we have for him. If you are looking for someone to learn from and to aspire to, he’s your guy.”