The GROW Program

“Because life is about so much more than working to pay the bills.”

The GROW program has a new intake opening for this month, and I’m looking for a handful of people to work with who are ready to begin growing their wealth for a more secure financial future.

Our goal is to help you do 3 critical things within the next 90 days

Firstly, to help you plug the financial leaks in your money life and increase your CASHFLOW so you have more money flowing into your back pocket just like Shaun and Rodney…

Secondly, we are going to install a FINANCIAL SYSTEM into your life which gives you a proven step by step pathway broken down into micro steps so you can just simply do it!

Kerry-Anne now has the system. James has it, and so does Amanda…

Are you next?

Thirdly, we are going to get you started INVESTING even if you have never done it before. You will understand what you need to focus on doing first in your personal situation, you will learn how to structure your money and how to create a strategy so you can get going or growing your portfolio in in a low risk, low stress way.

This is what I’ve been helping investors do for over 17 years and the results are in the bag

I began working with Todd a little over 12 months ago now and in that time have purchased 4 properties in only 4 months in good quality areas and will generate $25,000 in positive cashflow from day 1. I now have the foundation of a quality portfolio and a strategy to take it to the next level to create financial freedom for my family and myself. I truly feel in control of my financial destiny for the first time and have already referred several of my friends to begin working with Todd and his team. If you have a chance to work with him, take it! That is all I can say.
Raj Logan

I first met Todd a little more than a year ago now and I must say our lives are a lot different now.

We have now purchased 3 properties in 12 months.

There is no more of the self-doubt and uncertainties which plagued my life. He made us see that we can control our lives and that we can achieve better results by strategic planning and actually following the plans that we have set.

To me, he is not just my coach but also a friend who I can count on.

Wai and Jen

We bought 2 properties almost instantly.

My husband and I had quite a lot of lazy money. I knew we had to do something with it but I was afraid of making a mistake. Meeting Todd and attending Bootcamp gave us so much more confidence, and we bought two properties almost instantly. No more lazy money, just money that’s working for us through our investments. It wouldn’t have been possible without Todd and his team.

Genevieve Yip

Oh and there are so many many more…

Want to find out more?

Here is some of what we will be working on

The outcome is simple: To help you take control of your financial life and get started towards growing your future wealth.

We’re going to solve the 3 biggest problems that are keeping people trapped in the work to pay the bills merry go round:

1. Financial Confusion due to a lack of financial education

2. Cashflow Strapped from having no personal finance system, and

3. No Plan in place to change any of it

We are going to flip the lid on this and turn it all around so you…..

GROW your financial confidence with a proven pathway GROW your cashflow by installing a system to increase $, and GROW your wealth by having a strategic plan in place for you

Lets get into the nitty gritty of what you are going to get

First, let’s get to growing your Financial Confidence. We are never taught anything about managing our money or growing wealth or creating freedom in any formal education system. This leaves most feeling confused about the right thing to do, fearful about investing and are left stuck and immobilised.

Let’s take the first step from being Financially Confused to becoming Financially Empowered with a real world financial education. Here is how we will do it…

1. We’ll start with creating Financial Clarity – making sure we’re clear on your numbers without all the confusion. We will then fast forward to map out what financial freedom means to you so we have a clear destination, and finally let’s understand the very next step for your situation.
They say that CLARITY IS POWER – time for you to take back yours.

2. Next, let’s turn on your Millionaire Mode. Everyone starts with a dirty mind around money, full of stories and beliefs that if you don’t handle will continually sabotage your results. We are going to uncover those destructive money patterns and then begin installing the new empowering beliefs, habits, and standards to help you turn on your Millionaire Mode (you will never out-earn yourself).

3. Let’s continue what we’ve begun and get to Raising your Financial IQ. We’ll demystify all the confusing financial lingo out there so you understand what you need to know at your stage of your financial journey. Let’s identify your financial strengths, mitigate any weaknesses which may hinder you and be ready to step forward confidently so you make far better financial decisions in life

The result?
You’ll have the beginning of the real world financial education (you know, the one we should’ve been taught in school) and have total confidence that you are now in control of your financial life and not at the mercy to it.


The second problem we’ll solve together is Not Enough Cashflow

It is hard to sleep easy when we are stressed about money, and hard to grow your wealth when there is not enough of it left after paying the bills. The wealthy don’t create their results by luck. They get there because they have the right financial system. Let’s install one next…

4. First, we’re going to get clear on the current personal Money Map. With this you will become clear on exactly where your money is going right now, which is ultimately what is delivering you your current financial results. We are then going to get to work strategically re-designing this map to begin leading you towards the financial future you truly deserve.

5. Now we have identified the gaps and inefficiencies we are going to go to work on Plugging financial Leaks, and then get your lazy money out there working for you. This means you will have more of your own money coming into your back pocket rather than it disappearing into thin air.

6. Finally, we are going to Install Automation in your financial flow, so 90% of your money management’s handled without you needing to be constantly monitoring it day in and day out. Instead you can focus on enjoying your life.

By now you have a personal finance system installed to your life and have the clarity and confidence to get started investing and growing wealth


The 3rd and final problem is that if you are like most people, you don’t have a have a plan in place to grow your wealth and are unsure of what to do next. This usually leads people to do 1 of 2 things, either….

  1. a)  Doing nothing. Avoiding it out of fear and instead just going back to the default path of working harder at your job and hope it all works out

    or alternatively, you may…

  2. b)  Go out into the market and apply the ‘buy, hope and pray’ method of investing, give it a crack and hope for the best (btw this is called gambling!)

Let’s be real and honest with each other about two things right now..

Firstly, doing nothing should never be an option. Ever! Have you ever heard the saying ‘If nothing changes, then nothing changes?’ Your results and life don’t change and you are left stuck in financial slavery, just working to pay the bills.

Secondly and frankly, don’t you work to darn hard for your money just to go out and gamble with it? Mistakes in investing ain’t cheap, why risk stuffing it up! Time to get smart and strategic with a Game Plan for your financial future.

7. First, we understand the 3 core phases of the Wealth Journey, and what you need to focus on in each phase and why. Trying to do it all at once gets you no- where and doing the right things in the wrong order may lead to screwing it up!

8. Next, let’s Allocate your Assets – Set buffers, direct savings, raise investable income and be prepared for profit. Every dollar will have a plan and a purpose and stop being wasted on low value, low priority activities.

9. Finally, you are ready to make your first (or next) investment using Micro Investing. This works for you even if you have never invested a dime before. This is a system, so you can make this small and manageable as your first step as you grow your confidence or for those of you who want to go harder, totally doable. 


“If you don’t get your money working harder for you, then you will spend your entire life just working hard for money” 

Want to find out more?

This is how you GROW.

Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for your financial life and get you on track to a very different financial future than you might be currently experiencing.

One philosophy you are going to hear me say over and over again is:

“Why would you be given more money to manage if you can’t manage what you’ve already got”

Let’s get you ready to handle more and more.
Most people are only a few strategic and systematic tweaks away from taking control of their personal finances and permanently shifting their entire financial trajectory for their future.

This next couple of months I’ll be creating this class LIVE…and I only want to work with a handful of people who can implement, test and report back on the results.

I’ll use YOUR situation as the Case Studies to apply these strategies.

I’m ready to get started right away…and I’m inviting YOU to join the Case StudyTeam

Here’s how it will work…

The Training
Each week, we’ll focus on one of these dial moving financial strategies designed to get you some solid wins in the shortest amount of time

The Coaching
We’ll get together weekly as a group to talk about it and brainstorm specific application to your personal situation…so you can put it into action and report on your results.

The Support
I really want to create some great case studies from this, so I’ll be spending one on one time with you to make sure we maximise your results. The more you implement…the more I’ll work with you.

The Event
You will get two tickets for you and your partner to attend the 3D Income Virtual Event, where along a team of experts, all who have cracked over $1M in personal revenue in their field will be laying out pathways to grow multiple income streams in your life.

As I said, I’m going to give you everything and we are going to work together to implement it step by step in our strategy sessions and advanced trainings. 

Want to find out more?

We’re going to be working closely together, so I’d like you to be sure you have 2-3 hours a week to dedicate to this over the next couple of months.

The total cost is $1197 USD…but for right now, I just need to know if you can join us and I’ll get you all the details

I’d love to work with you!

Just send an email at [email protected] with the subject line GROW…and I’ll take it from there. Talk soon!



Oh, I am also going to throw in a few special masterclass sessions to help you level up your investing knowledge even further and fast track your life results

Firstly, lets talk property investing – the foundation of all solid portfolios

Secondly, lets demystify the world of cryptocurrency and show you how to get

started easily and safely

Third, I’ll conduct a full life planning session with you so you have a clear understanding of where you are headed for the future and plan to get there.

Sound good? Cool, they’re in if you are!

P.P.S. Any time you invest time and money to work with a coach, there’s a risk. Right? What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s not as good as he said? What if Todd’s a beardy liar?

So let’s look at the best and worst case scenarios:

Best Case: over the next 2 months, you install a personal wealth system in your life. You get the knowledge and the finance systems that you now have in your tool belt forever, you have the confidence and clarity you gain from having a wealth plan for your future, and you will even take your first step in your investing journey and have made money from the program whilst still completing it!

That’s the best case.

But what about the worst case?

Worst Case: maybe it doesn’t work. Maybe you’re a few weeks in, and you decide it’s not for you. Or the content’s not quite right, or maybe you jumped too soon, or you decide that my Australian accent gets annoying…

In which case, I’ll buy it back from you at full price.

You get to keep all the materials we’ve covered. And all of the bonuses. You’ll be smarter, and still have the skillsets… But you won’t have to pay for it at all. And, i’ll throw in an extra $20, so you can get a couple of smoothies on me.

Worst case — you get smoothies 🥤 (and who doesn’t like smoothies 😆 )

So that way there’s no risk to give it a go and get started, is there?

So, where do you think we should go from here?

If you’d like to work together, message me back and I’ll get you set up.
What a few more current and past clients have said…