Rodney Ong

How I went from 0-5 investments in 8 months

When I was young, I was taught that the only way in life was to just work hard.
At 34, Rodney had been doing just this for the past 16 years, first as a chef and then as a posty.

Started with no assets

“Apart from putting aside some savings and a few shares, my wife and I had next to no assets to our names and felt stuck in our jobs.”

Turnaround point

“I always felt that there must be another way, but just had no idea how.”

After attending an event with Todd, it became clear that there definitely was a different pathway that could be taken and Todd had the key. Their first home is being built and have invested in 2 other properties in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Working with Todd

“Working with Todd has been an amazing experience. He makes growing wealth simple to understand and effective. 8 months later, our financial situation and financial future looks very different.”

The 3 Biggest Gifts that Rodney has Received from Todd

1. Mentorship & Consistent Guidance
2. Minimised expenses and now saving over 40% of his income
3. A monthly passive income stream of $1300 a month so far and growing

And The Greatest Value?

“I had no idea any of this was even possible. Went from 0-5 investments in 8 months in properties, we started our crypto portfolio as well as making investments in ETF’s and metals. And I am actively working on a side hustle to create another income stream.”

Rodney’s Parting Message to Anyone Considering Joining Todd’s Program?

“To anyone who want to take control of their financial life , I strongly recommend seeking Todd guidance”

I am confident that in 10-15 year times I would be able to achieve my financial goals and potentially sooner.