Shaun Thomas

Shaun used to make some big investments in property but could not sleep at night, as his expenses were much higher than his income and their buffers were spent.
He considers himself to be on a high salary, but still could not meet his expenses and the portfolio was bleeding them dry, causing stress and costing them $40,000 plus per year to hold.

Where They’re At Before

“Honestly, things felt hopeless, and we already had other so-called experts tell us they couldn’t help, but just to keep trying to save. Things had to change!”

The Start of Something New

“Once we found Todd Polke a new financial journey began. As a result of Todd’s strategies, we were able to save an extra $30,000 a year within the first 3 months of starting.”

It was intimidating and a bit daunting when Todd assessed their situation and they had to truly come to terms with what was going on, but Todd immediately went to work helping them to restructure, re-organise and fine tune their situation, a very holistic approach to wealth building.

The 4 Biggest Gifts that Shaun has Received from Todd

1. The Cashflow Bled Has Stopped
2. Monthly Income From Investing Coming In
3. Over $100k in Net Profit Back Into Their Bank Accounts Within 18 Months
4. Continuous Compounding Returns

And The Greatest Value?

Although it was not a silver bullet and there are still elements to clean up bit by bit, Shaun now felt safe. With the right strategy in place, they began diversifying into other investments, some of which they had never even heard of before.

“We learnt along the way that investing was so much more than just buying a few properties, but was way more holistic and possible, than we thought. Some strategies increased our monthly income with a new consistent stream growing our cashflow. I was able to re-create my buffers and finally got my sleep at night factor back for me and my family.”

Shaun’s Parting Message to Anyone Considering Joining Todd’s Program?

For Shaun, Todd’s positive energy is just fantastic and feels like no matter how bad their situation might be, he can see a way out, with a strategy, an awesome team and system too.

“No matter what stage you are at in your investment life, Todd will find a strategy that will help you get you ahead so 100% I would recommend Todd as a Mentor.”