Life might sometimes seem like it’s out of your hands, which especially applies to achieving business success. In truth, you hold the key to becoming the person you need to be to reach your goals.

Before I started working with her, Theresa was in the same place as plenty of other entrepreneurs. She was stretching her time and money thin and struggling to make her cookie-cutter approach to business work.

Once Theresa joined my Build Wealth Be Free Program, we began updating that approach. I wanted to help her learn how to create money flow and wealth using her natural strengths. 

We focused on strategies that align with her values, personalising them and making her approach to wealth creation holistic. 

By the time Theresa finished the program, she had learned how to leverage her time effectively and make money work for her, earning her precious financial freedom.

Unfortunately, many people can’t say the same. They struggle with different barriers when it comes to building wealth, and one of the most considerable obstacles in that regard is fear. Of course, that’s a limiting factor not only found in the business.

Fear can hinder every effort and get in the way of your achievements.

In this article, I’ll talk about where this fear might come from and reveal the two things you can do to overcome it and change your life.

Why Do People Struggle to Achieve Their Wealth Goals?

The most common issues that people face when trying to achieve their goals come, unsurprisingly, from themselves. 

Once you’ve determined a large-scale goal, you may start feeling overwhelmed by its scope. On the other hand, achieving specific goals might require you to leave your comfort zone, which is something most people fear.

Because we love staying in that comfort zone and simultaneously fear what lies beyond it, we resist stepping out of it. The choice to remain where we’re at might even seem to be the most logical.

Another reason we tend to do that is that humans are creatures of habit.

The one thing that can make us move is when we begin to feel dissatisfied with the same level. At that point, we might start making small steps toward the fringe of the comfort zone. We’re creating an illusion of progress without actually leaving the place where we feel safe.

However, success isn’t about making giant leaps and outrageous moves. It’s more about the small things you do that stack up consistently until they create an avalanche of success. 

In other words, success is just as much a habit as staying in your comfort zone is.

When we start moving outside the comfort zone, we’ll start with those small steps until we get to the very edge – just enough to take a look over.

And it always looks scary.

But then, we take another step in the same direction. And then another one. 

If we’ve developed that habit of success, we’ll make those steps much more easily. We’ll leave our comfort zone and start moving towards success.

By sticking to habits that don’t move us forward, we’re avoiding accountability. And there’s one person that we’re letting down in doing that – ourselves. 

It’s time to change that!

Here are the two crucial actions you can take to set you on the right track and change your life for the better.

The Two Things That Will Change Your Life

1.Set Your Identity

Throughout life, we tend to stay consistent with who we believe we are. At any point, we’ll do whatever we can to stay consistent with our identity.

But identity is a mysterious thing for many people. Can it be created? And how does that happen?

We all know our family plays a large role in forming who we are. Then, there are friends, society, education, and the environment that surrounds us. Finally, there are our experiences – the successes and failures we’ve had in the past and things people said to us along the way. 

All of that, the positive and the negative, stack up into an understanding of who we are and what we believe.

The beautiful thing about knowing where your identity comes from is that you start to realise your belief systems are most likely inherited from someone else. 

This means you need to question whether those systems are actually serving you. And once you learn everything that makes you who you are, you can start making changes.

There’s a simple truth that specifically relates to growing wealth: you’ll never outearn yourself.

Luckily, you don’t need to – it’s possible to transform yourself from the inside out and raise the standards, creating a brand new level of results. You can become the quality of a person who can create the results you truly desire.

Remember, the most valuable thing in reaching for success and wealth isn’t the material treasures you get. 

It’s who you become in the process.

2.Develop the Habit of Success

I’ve already talked about habits and how they play a role both in success and in staying within your comfort zone.

Well, success is really a product of habits.

Statistics show that up to 40% of our day consists of unconscious habits – things we don’t think about and do habitually. But why does our brain create those routines?

When we continually do something, we are sending a signal that something’s important to us. It might not actually be important, but that’s how we condition ourselves.

Our brain takes those signals and rewires accordingly; it creates connections to make an automatic pattern. The result is we form a sequence for certain things and move them out of the conscious into the unconscious. From then on, we no longer decide about the particular action – we’ve formed a habit.

The same thing I’ve said about your identity applies to habits. Once you understand where they’re coming from, you can start changing them. 

Start observing your habits and adjust them. Pull them out of the unconscious and into the sphere where you can once again make a decision.

Become aware of your actions. Remove unproductive routines and replace them with habits that promote success.

Transform Yourself and Become a Success

While the advice I gave you here might look like those ‘hacks’ we see every day, taking control of your identity and habits is much more than a mere life hack.

You have goals that you want to reach.

And the only thing stopping you on the way are the limitations inside yourself. When you shape your identity and make success a habit, you’ll be that much closer to achieving your goals.

If you want me to assist you on the way and help you create the perfect strategy for building wealth, don’t hesitate to register for my The GROW Program and start making progress right now.