Tony Layton

Tony is a 62-year-old male and small business owner working 60 hours a week, for over 35 years.
He made his way through life by default, accumulating life lessons and what he thought was moderate wealth until he turned 60.

At 60, Tony Thought He Was Doing Okay

“I have accumulated a small amount of wealth and thought that was enough until the blinkers I wore came off and a realization hit me hard. What I had accumulated in the last 20 years was only marginally more than what I had 20 years previously!”

This reality has been made worse with the thought of his looming retirement and the feeling of being tired from all the years and hours spent on working. Although he always had an interest in wealth building, attending seminars and reading books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad, life took over each time and now he’s at loss of where and how to begin fixing his situation.

The Morning Show That Steered His Bad Course

“As I was preparing to sell my home, I started watching Your Money Saturday mornings regularly, to get an insight to what’s happening in the property auction world. It’s where I saw an interview with Todd Polke. That’s when my life changed! ”

In the program, Todd was talking about wealth creation, action and planning. Tony was entranced by his conviction and sincerity and so on the 22nd of Dec 2018, he researched Todd to find out how to get in touch with him and emailed him.

Todd responded to Tony and they connected well. He gave him a few tasks and information to get to him via email.

But, As Per Tony’s Usual Pattern, He Avoided Contact With Excuses

“Todd reached out a few times to reconnect, but I stalled again. He persisted and was forthright with me and invited me to his seminar… Tony, if you’re serious, let’s do something!”

The 3 Biggest Gifts that Tony has Received from Todd

For Tony, attending was the best thing he ever did, and he never wanted to look back. He and his partner got out of their comfort zones, and discovered a whole new world working with like-minded people, with the same goals and motivation to help themselves.

The support and knowledge that is now available to them is phenomenal.

1. Abundant Information & Mentorship
2. Phenomenal Guidance & Support
3. Doors to Amazing Opportunities & Choices

The 3 Biggest Gifts that Tony has Received from Todd

1. Take the First Step

Tony said that if he had not taken that first step by reaching out to Todd, he would have maintained his old pattern of avoiding.

“If I can find a way to change at my stage of life, then others can stop sitting in that same comfort zone we are trained to do, without question!”

2. Make Your Hard-Earned Money Work Harder For You

Tony believes in taking the bull by the horns and doing the reverse of working for your money. The results?

“We now have 7 investment properties around Australia in the portfolio which we were able to purchase off-market using Todd’s network. We have invested in multiple Income opportunities returning 10-15% per annum which now generate a significant monthly income.

We have created a 600% return on a crypto portfolio turning $70k into over $420k, something which I never would’ve even thought of to get started in alone.

We are in a Joint venture opportunity where along with other investors is set to return 20% per annum!”

3. Get The Right Help to Support You

Todd is so much more than just a property and wealth coach for Tony. He looks at him as a friend and mentor and is now his life coach even though it took a bit for him to swallow his pride to listen and be guided by someone ½ his age.

“We now earn over 6 figures in income per year from the portfolio and have investments due to return profits of 6 figures within 12 months and have a blue-chip portfolio of property which are going to continue to grow in value and we are now financially free.

This may sound a lot and reading it now and can seem daunting, but I want you to know it is not. When you have a team to support you to piece together the jigsaw puzzle bit by bit and knowing that you have the support and hand holding you need, you begin to realise that so much more is possible!.”

And The Greatest Value?

Tony stresses that the Information, support, guidance, and opportunities are in abundance, BUT you must do the work and make choices that are in your own best interest.

“At 61 I could not see retirement as being possible, or to be financially free. I made a few investments in property and some did okay, more by luck not by strategy or by good management. Now, I am in the amazing position to make and write my own retirement package. With good, solid guidance from Todd and his extended team, I have been given access to opportunities that I never would have known about it!”

Tony’s Parting Message to Anyone Considering Joining Todd’s Program?

Tony understands that it is hard to make changes when you are stuck on the life wheel and not anxious to get out of your comfort zone. He encourages everyone to make new choices to get the new outcomes that they desire.

“The only way forward is to get off this merry-go-round and make the life what you want as we only get one shot here to make the most of it. I wish I had started so much earlier, but then I would not have had the fortune of meeting this amazing young man, Todd Polke.

It is never too late to start, in the Legacy group Janice who is in her seventies is making it work too! Give it ago you won’t regret it, that I promise .”