After Vincent’s children established their own independence, he knew they needed to begin focusing on their retirement. They understood that a comfortable retirement, with choices, would need to be funded by themselves.
For a few years they worked hard at putting together some capital, not knowing exactly what to do with it, but assumed at some point they would, and needed to be ready.

Previous Financial Advisers

“We engaged (recommended) financial advisers, but after 5 years and showing little benefit as a result, we became fed up and knew we needed to take a different direction. ”

In early 2016, his wife showed him some info on Todd’s property master class, and he ventured along to one of his free seminars. The short of it is he related to Todd immediately, got together, and started to discuss their background, current situation, but more importantly, what they were looking to achieve.

Their Investment Strategy

“Having started a bit late, we understood our investment strategy needed to be a bit more aggressive, Todd helped us devise that strategy in line with our goals. We commenced with three residential properties, each serving a different purpose and aligned to its specific strategy. One of those properties was a duplex build that earned over $100,000 capital growth before we even broke ground.”

While the builds were in progress, they continued building more capital in preparation for the next round of investments, not knowing what they might be. Once the residential builds were finished, tenanted, and generally settled, they commenced discussing the next investment. Todd introduced them to a commercial property contact, and that soon led to a commercial property purchase. It was the biggest investment of their lives, and quite frankly, scared the hell out of them.

To cash in on the gains, they have since sold both sides of the duplex, and are in search of their next investment. At the same time, they have also been able to partake in some smaller investments, ensuring that they keep their funds working.

And The Greatest Value?

The simple goal they had at the start of this journey, to replace most of their income, and to do so before the age of 60, has now been passed, more than doubled, and they still have two and a half years to go before reaching that initial target age. They believed their initial goal was a stretch, but as they progressed, they came to realise it was modest and reset it accordingly, significantly.

“Investing and the investments that once made me nervous no longer do. This reflects how far we have come, and the knowledge we have gained on this journey. We have reset our goal to four times what it was initially, a figure calculated to ensure we can achieve what we aim to. Simply put, half is for lifestyle, quarter is for re-investment, and the remaining quarter for contingency and charity. While living this, we are also building a legacy for our children.”

Vince’s Parting Message to Anyone Considering Joining Todd’s Program?

To this day, Vincent still seek Todd’s guidance, albeit to a lesser extent, but at a higher level. If they have one regret, it is that they did not start sooner, now understanding that they could have started smaller, and let good investment choices and time do their thing.

“Everyone, regardless of what level they are at, needs guidance from those who already have the runs on the board. Todd was that for my partner and I, and with his guidance we were able to start our journey. He helped us to act, that action created more knowledge, more knowledge slowly eroded the fear, and the upward spiral continues. He can do the same thing for you, too.”