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Protect yourself right now and Prepare for what’s coming next…
Just because an economic downturn is on…
doesn’t mean you have to participate in it

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6 reasons why you must attend this brand new online training

  • Protect yourself in uncertain times. Many unfortunately will be left decimated financially in these times. The question is…will you be one of them? Learn to create a financial fortress around your world and protect you and your family
  • Ask yourself, how is your retirement plan doing? Most superannuation balances have been hit hard (again). Get a new plan to secure your financial future
  • Is your income safe? We will show you how to stabilise and secure your income, and then get to growing it. This ‘downtime’ could be your greatest opportunity for this.
  • How you come out of this downturn depends on your actions now. You get to choose. Remember the Global Financial Crisis (GFC)? Many were left picking up the ruins. Find out how I am helping my clients come out steps ahead even in this market.

  • More wealth is created in downtimes versus uptimes.  Are you prepared to grab your share of the opportunity? I will share where I am positioning my own portfolio to protect and profit.

  • New times calls for new rules. It’s time for a new rule book and become equipped with the tools to navigate through these times

In this free online webcast you’ll discover

How to create your own economy

Understand how to create your own economy and insulate yourself from the unknowns. These are uncertain times and If you are left at the mercy of what’s going on around you, then you most probably feel that you have no control and you’re only left with ‘hoping’ it will all work out.

Instead, I will show you how to create your own economy where not only are you safe, but you can continue growing.

How to create stability in the midst of uncertainty

There are things we can control and things we can’t. What you focus on will determine your outcome. Now is the time to create an unshakable ‘shock proof’ foundation which is your rock bed of stability. Protect yourself, Protect your family, Protect your assets and Protect your future.

How to prepare for what’s coming next

More wealth is made in downtimes than it is uptimes for those who are in the know. When you can see above the tree line of the now, there are looming challenges for sure which you need to be able to move past, but equally there are epic opportunities waiting for those who are prepared to grab them.

About Todd Polke

Todd has been helping investors for the last 17+ years to grow strategic and sustainable wealth using proven wealth systems.

His clients use his tried and tested strategies which follow a step-by-step process to master your finances, create personalised plans, build a financial fortress around your life and then access insider deals, which create more profit and cashflow.

And all without it requiring loads of extra time or knowledge.

He is on a mission to help people get out of the ‘time for money’ ‘pay-cheque to pay-cheque’ treadmill most live on and once and for all help them to secure their financial future.

His Build Wealth Be Free System has been years in the making, having proved it in his own portfolio and helping thousands of investors apply it in their own lives. Now, he is giving it to you for FREE! Register now