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(Adequacy of Education for Success & Prosperity)

We are taught through out our lives that a formal education is the key to a good life but after 12 years at school and then another 3-5 years of university, many university graduates struggle fiercely to find a job and especially for the income you might expect after such an investment in time, money and learning while studying. They have to compete against 60 or more other people for the same position and when they finally land a job, they are paid an average wage and then have to climb the corporate and compensation ladder to be truly considered successful. Now I know there is a place for our formal education, but I believe it is in serious need of an overhaul to a ‘real life’ education. Honestly, what are you taught in school apart from the basics of literacy and numeracy and a few other minor things if you happened to study what you are doing right now that translates into your current employment or purpose in life?

I can bet most of what you learnt is now nearly obsolete for what you are really experiencing in life and for the day-to-day management of this thing called living.

Lets think about a few quick things which people struggle with in their lives daily:


We are taught throughout our lives that money is not important, but we then work most of our lives to earn money to support our families and ourselves, what about even the basics of budgeting or investing?


(Wait for another blog/rant on this specifically on how school is set up to churn out employees)


The rates of divorce are higher than ever and increasing. I wonder what a course on communication in relationships would do for this rate and for the general happiness of couples.


Sure there is health and Physical Education which is compulsory for a few years, but our learnings were mainly on the muscles of our body and energy. When are we taught how to eat a balanced diet to stay fit and healthy? What about the dangers of processed foods? Organic versus chemical farmed produce

I have had the privilege to coach and educate people on all 3 areas above in different parts of my life. As a personal trainer and health coach, as a wealth and investment coach and as a personal coach and I speak on these topics to thousands of people a year, I am very aware of the reality of most peoples lives and the challenges they face.

Now, I am not one to get into conspiracy theories…oh wait, yes I am, I just call them my opinions J But I kind of get this feeling that the government doesn’t necessarily want us to be educated to look after ourselves in a personal sense, because in that way we become dependent on them often to look after ourselves and be dependent and slaves to the systems we grow up in and have to toe the line. Think about it, why are these essential parts of our lives not included in part of the essential stages of growing up?

Now some might say, “Aren’t these things, the parents’ job to teach their kids?”

And the answer would be ‘yes’. However, what if they have no idea themselves? What if they are just as clueless? And guess what, most are, that is why most are broke, unhappy and unhealthy and are a product of what they were taught through school and their parents.

So how is this cycle going to change? Well to start, the education system needs to have an ongoing course from grade 1-12 on “The Real World” and how to survive and thrive. Parents need to take responsibility for their own lives first and realize that they have the gift of being a parent and for raising their children as effective and healthy human beings who are capable of making educated choices in the key areas of their lives.

Before anyone jumps on this rant, lets me repeat; the formal education system has its place and is essential, it just needs some serious updating to the current world and current problems most adults face in life and a focus on the individual not on the system itself.

Now in the meantime, to save you some time here are some resources you may find useful to get your real education underway:

Some Resources for You


Even after all these years, I still love the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad Poor Dad book and the follow up of Cashflow Quadrant, I believe it is a great foundation.

For some more practical finance thoughts – firstly obviously stay tuned to this blog :), I will be sharing a massive amount about managing your finances and freeing yourself financially.

Secondly, you may find Dave Ramsay’s – Total Money Makeover book a good read also.



There are three books I am a massive fan of which can greatly impact your relationships. Men and women are different, have you noticed? Try and read in this order, I know the difference it can make.

1. The 5 love languages – Gary Chapman

2. Love and Respect – Dr Emerson Eggerichs

3. The way of the superior man (for men) and Dear Lover (for women) – David Deida




For health, frankly I don’t have anyone person in particular who has impacted me greatly in this space as I have studied and loved health since I could walk or run (definitely my father to thank for that) and have played sport at an elite level.

I have been influence by some people along the way including Scott Harris and perhaps Tyler Tolman into some of my eating habits and my nutrition habits. I have been impacted by martial arts as a way of fine tuning the body and mind, I have been influenced by practising meditation and mindfulness in my life, perhaps I will do this subject some justice and share it in another blog, where I can work through the health habits which have changed my life and yes I mean changed my life.


Now back to the education topic, I would love to hear your thoughts on your experience through your formal education and how it has helped you in your life now or if what you really learnt is now also obsolete and secondly what else would have you love to learn or experience at school which would have impacted your life today? Comment below.

Love to hear your thoughts on this.

More to come on this topic…stay tuned.

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